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Eoin M Lyons is an Irish jewellery designer based in heart of Dublins city centre. He is a graduate of Irelands National College of Art and Design which he left in 2009 with a first class honours in Craft design.

His work comes in several shapes and sizes and he doesn’t like to suggest that it follows any consistent theme or common idea, simply because, they may change. However it is generally born from things that really fascinate and intrigue him, to this end most of his work to date is inspired by masculine forms and aesthetics. Mechanical objects, technology, man made forms and denim and zippers, covers the majority of his source material thus far.



High-Voltage collection

Eoin’s design aesthetic is inspired by a boyish fascination with mechanical objects and technology. The basis for his work comes both from these forms and the graphic qualities inherent within them.

To explore this he creates linear structures from iron, steel, silver and gold wire.  Sometimes embossed into fine silver, rendering them essentially 2 dimensional, and sometimes remaining as 3 dimensional linear constructions; the presentation of both increases the visual dialogue in the work.

The masculine aesthetics within the resulting objects inspire Eoin to draw from the restrained aesthetics synonymous with men’s cloths and accessories. An understated exterior complimented by a concealed or subtle embellishment.

With regard to this the choice of material and colour palette are intentionally restrained. A bright suit lining or pinstripes translates into sections of iron wire replaced with gold, or a flash of blue from the underside of a brooch.