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Transformer with Gold

Transformer with Gold


18kt. Gold Wire; Stainless steel (spraypainted); Sterling silver (blackened); Rubber engine tubing.



This neckpiece is drawn from a common household transformer.  The object intrigued me because of the importance of the cables that protruded so simply. The thought came to me that this was the heart of the home, pumping electricity in an out throughout the house.

The idea that this almost goes unnoticed; that the cables that run from it are more obvious to be seen, interested me also. Through this I decided that the reference point of the object should be unobtrusive, the black rubber cable/tubing is as much a part of the piece as the wire and gold object it leads to.


Image 1: Photograph by Sylvain Deleau, courtesy of Seoid 11 exhibition

Image 2/3: Photograph by Frances Marshall, Modeled by Rory Musgrave