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We went up to the roof…

We went up to the roof…


Iron wire, Sterling silver wire



This was a piece made in response to a project while in college. The project was entitled intimacy, and I decided to consider personal intimacies, moments in which a connection is shared with another. I was reminded of a story I was once told in Lourdes, France.

I used to travel to Lourdes as a volunteer helper for the sick and invalid travelling there. One night, while working night shift I aided an elderly lady to the rooftop smoking area. Speaking to her for perhaps an hour, she began to open up about her life and troubles. Afterwards she gave me a small rosmary beads as a gift and reminder of the event.

This piece is the story that she told me, as best I could recall, written in iron wire and reaching close to 50 feet. As the story is intimate to me and me alone, so the writing is not easily open to the viewer, as it wraps and overlaps upon itself to form this neckpiece.

Certain words are more visible than others however, as the iron wire is broken by silver in a pattern that is reminiscent of the rosary bead. Ten smaller breaks and one larger break.


Image 1/2: Photograph by Norton Associates

Image 3: Photograph by Frances Marshall, Modeled by Rory Musgrave